Easter days, drifting away

Well, there go the Easter holidays in the usual flash of action-packed madness. Apologies for my disappearance over the March/April period – a lack of consistent Internet access combined with general business prevented me from updating as frequently as I would have liked. Incidentally, and now that the weather in Europe is turning towards being semi-decent, I have found myself very much into summery French space pop act M83. HERE is an mp3 of the imaginatively-titled ‘Don’t Save us From the Flames’, combined with a couple of Dubai/France holiday shots to get you in the summer mood.


MGMT’s ‘Congratulations’ – the verdict is in…

…for the title track, at least. I don’t believe it: I literally step away from the world wide web for a couple of days and suddenly teh Internetz is ablaze with news of an MGMT album leak. Unfortunately, though, the speed of French net (or lack thereof) is currently preventing me from downloading said leak. However, I’ve been able to get my eager hands on an mp3 of ‘Congratulations’ and I must say I’m feeling a bit “meh”/apprehensive at the moment. So far, it’s a so-so track which wouldn’t be altogether out of place as an ‘Oracular Spectacular’ B-side. Thoughts? Mp3 removed by request, I’m afraid.

P.S. I have now had the opportunity to listen to the album in its entirety and I am very impressed. Though it doesn’t contain any of the amazing, stand-out signature tracks ‘Oracular Spectacular’ does, the album as a whole fits together much better. A very solid effort.

Would they love you if they knew all the things we know?

I’ve said it countless times before and I’ll say it again: Res is one of the most shockingly underrated artists ever to appear on MTV (or, if you grew up in Asia like me, Channel [V]). She really was an avant-garde artist who didn’t garner the respect or recognition she deserved. Any fans of Santigold – whom, incidentally, once worked with and produced for Res – will love one of my favourite tracks of all time ‘They Say Vision’. Mp3 HERE if you just shat yourself upon first listen… in a good way.

P.S. Plaiz excuse the shitty video – it’s the only one I could find that wasn’t of a mediocre quality.


Well thank god the end of term has finally arrived and with it, 3 weeks of sweet, sweet freedom! Anyway, being the biggest procrastinator this side of Obama, I decided to do a bit of research on one of my favourite topics when I was meant to be writing my essay: conspiracy theories. I came across THIS very disturbing and just plain freaky “sinister site” – that of Denver International Airport. Seriously, what the actual fack were the designers thinking when they planned this airport? Weird…

Bonus mp3 by one of the more famous conspiracy theorist bands out there: Muse‘s ‘Uprising’ HERE.

On est tous passés par là

I hate to quote anything from the pile of trash commonly known as The Sun but THIS is absolutely hilarious! It’s so typical of French politics (and when I say French politics, I’m really talking about Nicolas Sarkozy) that both he and his wife have been accused of having affairs simultaneously. I’m actually a fan of Benjamin Biolay‘s music and was quite surprised to discover that he is in fact the young/old man with whom Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has been rumoured of sharing extra-marital relations.It will be very interesting to see how this story pans out and how the French react to the news that their “beloved” first couple is falling apart at the seams. In other news, what’s going on with Ms. Bruni’s face?

Bonus mp3 of Benjamin Biolay’s ‘Los Angeles’ HERE.

Vacation is over, don’t wait

Anyone who knows me in the slightest bit subsequently knows that I’m a slut for all things The Virgins. By that, I am of course referring to the New York-based band you sick-minded lad/lass. I’m quite surprised these guys aren’t receiving the recognition they deserve for their vintage sound and amazing videos but hey, there’s still time yet – after all, they’ve only got one major album release under their collective belts. Ch-ch-check out this pretty sweet vid by theirs and if you like the track, HERE‘s a remix featuring up-and-comer Sky Ferreira.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so pysched for the release of a new album as much as I am for MGMT‘s sophomore album ‘Congratulations’ due to hit stores (and, of course, the e-world) on April 16th. So far my intuitive ears and eyes have yet to hear or see any leaks but one thing is for certain: the album art rawks! According to the ever-reliable (ahem) Wikipedia, the guys have already stated that they will not be releasing any singles from the album. If that turns out to be the case, I seriously hope there’s at least some form of video promotion involved.

Until then, check out a fantastic remix of ‘The Youth’ HERE.